Friday, August 20, 2010

Knowledge makes the difference


 The arid and semi-arid areas are generally attributed, to prolonged droughts, famine, poor nutrition and many other negative attributes. Knowledge sharing with communities living in the semi arid zones of Laikipia has reversed the trend. Read full story.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Do you sit on a Gold mine?

 Many people in dry lands knows the value of water, to say that ‘water is life’ is more relevant to them than those in higher potential areas. People here have to go an extra mile and excavate the ground in search for the precious commodity. Read full story 



Friday, August 13, 2010

Adoption of Green house farming.

Tissue Culture Bananas; Alternative Agribusiness.

 Diffusion of knowledge among small scale farmers is one aspect leading to success in efforts to improve food security and household incomes. Communities in Ng’arua have started banana farming as an alternative agribusiness venture. The ALIN's Maarifa center has also upped the people's tendency and willingness to share whatever knowledge at their disposal.
 In the two minutes film, Mr. Charles Mureithi, explains to a woman how to plant and manage the tissue culture banana. Mureithi is the Chairman of a Local C.B.O, called ‘‘Laikipia Center for Knowledge and Information’’ (LACKIN) he also chairs the ALIN focal group which runs the Ngarua Maarifa center and is in the forefront in organizing and spearheading local community initiatives especially dealing with information sharing. 

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rural Women in Agribusiness

Women are the majority of rural dwellers, this is true considering that most men goes to urban areas to look for ''Employment''. Instead of being left without a source of income, Agribusiness has become an occupation of choice for rural women. They need support and access to better markets and they are as good in creating employment through farming. The video is about a woman going against all the climatic odds to earn a living form farming in the dry lands of Laikipa county.

Information changing the lives of rural farmers.

When the Ngarua Focal Group visited ''Good Shepherd's Children Home'' on a charity mission, they learned of many innovations, on arrival they shared with other members back home. When Mwangi got the information from his neighbor who had had just arrived from the trip. He resolved to fuel his vehicle and went back with the neighbor to see for himself. Read full

Juicy Crops of Sipili

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