Monday, May 30, 2011

''Failure to have good business plan is planning to fail''

 Nothing got my eyes and grabbed and fixed my attention on my favorite ''Standard'' newspaper today than  the story by  peter Kamuri. The article by the above title is a must read for many people aspiring to start and run successful businesses. Read the story

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Collaborative conservation projects

Advocacy on environmental awareness is yielding positive results in Sipili, where stakeholders in development works with community groups to initiate and develop awareness creation structures to ensure people’s participation, ownership and sustainability of projects. A community group called ‘‘Leleshwa ‘A’ youth dam self help group’’, is running a tree planting project at Leleshwa Dam. The project involves a vegetable garden, tree nursery and a tree-planting plot.  Read full story

Commercializing small scale agriculture

The demand for sorghum in Kenya has shot up dramatically following the decision by the East Africa Breweries Limited (EABL) to use the produce for manufacture of one of its beer brands, suppliers contracted by the beer maker said.
"The demand is very high and farmers are unable to meet it. So we are now importing," said Rose Mutuku, the Managing Director of Smart Logistics Solution, a company that is coordinating out grower sorghum farmers on behalf of EABL. Read full story

Monday, May 16, 2011

A Community member donates books to the Maarifa center.

Bett receives the publication from Philip

  Ng’arua Maarifa center have received, eight publications from Philip Gitonga a 55 year old community member and beneficiary of free I.C.T training who completed last year. 

The ICT skills attained after the training have assisted him in research and faster processing of information without assistance unlike before.

  Gitonga brought in the magazines, which includes ‘‘Guidelines for production of healthy seed potatoes in east central Africa’’ by KARI, International Dairy topics, cooking with mushrooms, and others. Gitonga have a home library of about 200 publications, sourced from research institutions, some were bought by him.

‘‘The research materials are good for the public to access learn and make informed choices in regard to agriculture’’ said Gitonga.

 He has a background in applied biology where he retired after working for KARI among other companies. Gitonga finds the Idea of setting up the Maarifa center in Ng’arua unique, especially the free and universal access to information and learning through book, internet and computer trainings.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Kids in search of knowledge

Young children finds learning enjoyable at Ng'arua maarifa centre. They enjoy typing their names and playing computer games. They have little technophobia than most grown ups.
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