Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Library handy for Extension staff

By Bett Kipsang' 

 Samuel Mureithi works with the ministry of livestock as an extension officer in Sipili division. He is a graduate in Animal Health from Egerton University.
Samuel Mureithi Accessing Internet at Ngarua Maarifa Centre
 When Mureithi was posted to Sipili eight months ago, his major concern was the availability of a community library or internet cafe in the area where farmers can be accessing updated information on new farming techniques from reliable institutions.

 He found the Ng’arua Maarifa Centre where he accessed all kinds of information he needs. He has participated in Focal Group meetings and outreach activities organized at the Ng’arua Maarifa Centre.

As an extension officer Mureithi, frequently need updated information in the field of livestock production like health, feeds, breeds, and general management. He has found free access to internet useful for research on information about livestock breeds, research on new fodder varieties, new breeding systems and feed conservation methods.

 Mureithi reported that, he has found information about improved indigenous chicken breed from KARI,
 to respond to the needs of farmers, who prefer to keep the improved indigenous chicken breeds other than their local breeds. The information sourced from the Maarifa Centre is processed and introduced to farmers through extension programs. He has done this through group trainings, farm visits, field days where he has reached over 300 farmers. 

 Mureithi recommends addition of more resource materials with information related to livestock health and production. He is very grateful for the services offered at the N’garua Maarifa Centre.

 Mr Mureithi can be reached through email- samuelmuriithi83@yahoo.com

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