Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Youths learn to conserve Mother Nature

By James Maina

Residents of Olmoran ward Laikipia County turned up in large numbers to conserve the environment Wednesday. The day was marked with a road show from Lariak Primary school to Mlima meza (Flat topped hill) where pupils parrents and teachers planted trees and climbed up the hill to view the landscape. Few trees were planted due to scarce rains, but there are enough seedlings to be planted when enough rain sets in. Laikipia is currently witnessing a spate of dry spells. The aim of the event was to conduct sensitization on climate change to avert global warming.

 The activity was sponsored by Tree is Life Trust (TILT) an NGO which deals with environmental conservation. The organization has been championing planting of trees in schools, hospitals and other public places and also promoting the use of renewable sources of energy. Other organizations which graced the occasions were ALIN, CFA, WRUA, BUNDELL and government departments.

 The event kicked off with a procession which started at Lariak primary school with over five hundred people participating. Pupils and students from the neighboring schools and members of the public participated in the awareness creation event. The procession snaked through the streets of Sipili market before matching to Mlima Meza. This historical hill stands near Sipili primary school about 5 kilometers away from Sipili market.

 Pupils of Bondeni, Sipili, Lariak and Machunguru primary schools told Ngarua Maarifa Centre (NMC) that they have learnt good lessons on conserving and protecting the environment. James Kariuki a pupil in Sipili primary school said, “The ball is now on our bay. I need to plant a tree every week and care for the existing ones here in school and at home.” Others who were contacted by NMC were students and teachers from the participating schools. Members of the public planted seedlings at the foot of the hill while pupils helped in watering them.

The day culminated in speeches from representatives of different groups. Speakers emphasized on the need to protect environment for posterity. They were concerned with sporadic cutting of trees and clearing of thickets which has led to fluctuating weather conditions. Residents were asked to take personal responsibility to avoid the wrath of Mother Nature. Laikipia is known for agricultural productivity but recently farming has been hampered by poor rainfall.
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