Thursday, May 30, 2013

A company employee hails Maarifa centre

‘‘Much water has gone under the bridge in the last four years,’’ but Reuben Mureithi Thuku 35, cannot easily forget the day he came to Ngarua Maarifa Centre as a job seeker. He precisely remembers that April, when he drafted a CV and applied for a job through the free internet service.

 Three months down the line, Mureithi had secured a job at The Village Market, a Kigiri based company after successfully going through the interview. ‘‘That is where I earn a living up to date as a press liaison officer’’ Said Mureithi joyfully.

The proud holder of Diploma in banking, also take part in social work under the corporate social responsibility (CSR) department in the company. ‘‘I love community work’’ he said. Adding that he once worked with a group of women dealing in ‘‘table banking’’ a form of micro-finance.

 ‘‘I remember how the Maarifa centre started and I am happy the noble idea never died’’ he said.
Reuben can be reached through email:       
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