Friday, October 25, 2013

Ririshwa men and women strive to make money

By Jane Kariuki

 Ririshwa women group, comprising twenty five women and three men have adopted innovative ways of generating income. They produce some of the best jewelries made of beads and market them for a living. They also make handbags and key holders. 

Ririshwa group members making beads
The group converges every Thursday, at the homestead of one member and work hard to produce the wares. On 24th October 2013, LRV visited the group and found them busy making tanks and basins out of worn out tires. 

The chair-lady, Mrs. Nafuto said that Lariak forest conservation area project has supported them with beads and threads in small quantities. The group was also given a person to teach them how to make the best products.

The main challenge to the group is the difficulty in accessing raw materials for continuing with the business.
She also said that marketing the products is a difficult task for them. The advantage of the group is the benefit of socializing and sharing spiritual and economic information.

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