Thursday, December 12, 2013

Kenya@50, Happy Jamhuri Day

Today we are marking the 50th anniversary of Kenya’s freedom and self rule. We remember the driving force and motivation that freedom fighters had during the struggle for independence. The founding heroes identified three major issues which were; poverty, illiteracy and disease. 

The Ngarua Maarifa Centre is pleased to join the National and local leaders and the people of Kenya in marking this fateful event.

In support of the well founded independence dreams, we at Ngarua Maarifa Centre at Sipili, Laikipia County, have joined hands with the community and well wishes to deliver practical information, through modern ICT technologies and library services. 

Our facility “Maarifa centre’’ is probably the only place where you get in, access free internet, learn computer package free of charge amongst other information needs. We also support farmers’ to access modern farming practices and strategies to access better markets and fight poverty. Health information is also accessible at our library and the free internet at our resource centre. 

We therefore cannot shy away from declaring that we are at the centre of the independence dreams and aspiration and we are certain that together we will win the race and usher in new emerging changes and set new goals to overcome the current challenges in the near future.

Kenya@50 is taking place at a time when the last of ban African leaders are exiting the arena, the latest being South Africa’s First black president; Nelson Mandela. The world has marveled at the weight of the loss of this great hero. He is setting history even in death. 

We wish you a happy Jamhuri day, with a call to re-evaluate the ideals for our new struggles@50.    
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