Monday, March 7, 2011


By Bett Kipsan'g
The stiff competition experienced by commercial companies coupled with changing economic times have given an edge to the new idea of Business Process Outsourcing (B.P.O). To cut the costs of operation, companies are laying off workers to enable them concentrate on the core businesses, non-core activities are outsourced to other players at relatively low cost. The smart company section of the daily nation have featured a real life story with a title '' Labour pains of call centre outsourcing'' and the story goes: ''In August this year, an employee of a mobile phone operator had planned to wed his long-time sweetheart. He planned to finance the wedding with savings from the salary he earns as a call-centre operator at Essar Telecom Kenya, which runs the yu mobile brand in Kenya.
“I have not informed anyone including my fiance,” says the employee, who talked on condition of anonymity because of the embarrassment this would cause. “But I have cancelled my wedding plans. I cannot afford it with my new salary.” Read full story. 
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