Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How I started Rabbits Rearing; Karanja.

To start rearing rabbits, is as easy as getting a female (doe) and a buck (male), once they start kindling they multiply rapidly. But that could not happen easily to Karanja, first; Rabbits in the community were a preserve of young boys, who kept them as pets for pleasure. ‘‘I started backyard rabbits keeping four yeas ago, without prior knowledge nor interest in the matter. Neither was my attention focused on the small animals’’ said Karanja, a rabbits farmer from Sipili in Laikipia county.

Karanja’s younger son bought one female rabbit and borrowed a male one from a friend; his father took care of them when the boy goes to school. Since then, rabbits started to multiply and there was a ready source of meat for the family. Little by little and Karanja was learning a new trick of solving a problem in the family! Though initially it never occurred to him that one day he will venture into rabbits keeping as an enterprise. Read full story
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