Monday, October 8, 2012

Water management devolved to community level

By Bett Kipsang'
Water is life and the precious commodity must be guarded jealously to ensure its quality and quantities are preserved. The ministry of water and irrigation has done some positive work in the management of water resources in the country. 

Some of the new changes are the devolution of water management structures to the lower level where the user has a big say in its utilization and management. That saw the enactment of laws like the water act 2002.

  ‘‘Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and other community and self-help groups are required to enter into management agreements with WSBs regarding the management and control of water services facilities owned and used by them’’ (

 In the new grassroots structures now have a say on utilization and conservation of water.

The reforms effected by Ministry of Water and Irrigation has transferred the management and operation of water services to the Water Services Boards (WSBs). 

 Water Resource Management Authority (WRMA) is an Authority mandated to regulate and manage water resources. Stakeholders living near water catchment areas can form Catchment Areas Advisory Committees (CAAC’s) to offer advisory services on conservation.

 Local communities who benefit directly from water and can influence the use and misuse of the same, are advised to form' Water Resource Users Associations (WRUA's). Communities through these cooperative management bodies are allowed to take control of water conservation and proper use.
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