Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Maarifa Centre promotes education

 ‘‘I am a student of Kenya institute of criminal justice, Kissii campus; I have been accessing academic research material from the Ngarua maarifa centre located in Sipili. Among the specific research material I have successfully obtained from the centre includes; the reforms on the prison departments’’ and specifically on the Kenyan prison. The family involvement on juvenile delinquency and crime along the Kenya coast’’ said Ezekiel Kiptoo.

Mary Wanjiku who lives in Mombasa wanted to send application forms to register for her bachelor’s degree at the Kenyatta University. She desperately needed photocopies of her father’s Identity card. Her father Mr. Peter Maina, a business man at Sipili, came to the Maarifa Centre with the original Identity card, which we scanned and send to Mary in Mombasa.

Mary’s father Mr. Peter Maina did not have an email address, so he had to use the Maarifa center’s address to sent the scanned copies to her daughter.

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