Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lessons from Nyeri agricultural show

Farmers learned of a technique where a poultry house is built on top of a fish bond such that chicken dropping provides feeds for the fish.

The method is called, integrated nutrient management technology.

Skills and innovations on Irrigation were taken a notch higher. A water pump using the ''Boda Boda'' bike engine is here with us. 
You just buy and fit the gadget plus the pipes and pump water to the farms, when you are done you fix you Boda and ride home!
ADC was exhibiting a technology called embryo transfer. 

A Boran cow is given a fertile embryo from a high grade Friesian cow, the former plays the role of a surrogate mother due to its strength to deliver; a well fed Borana cow can produce just enough milk to feed the calf.

 The were moved by breathtaking learning experience, each of them marveled at seeing a cow which can produce over fifty litres of milk per day! 

There were various designs of farm machinery to assist in chopping
pasture for the animals.

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