Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fire tragedy destroy property and homes

By Bett Kipsang’ 

Sipili residences were on Tuesday again convened by the power of voluntary will, to respond to a fire disaster. Violent flames broke out and consumed a timber residential building leaving four families in the cold.  

The same disaster befell the small trading centre one year ago and many businesses and residential homes were razed down. Traders and residents incurred heavy losses in the twin disasters.
Volunteers try to bring down adjacent buildings to prevent whirling
flames from spreading to the neighboring plots

Property goes up in flames 
 Many questions are lingering in the minds of Sipili residents. What should be done to contain the frequent fire accidents? What about the building materials for the urban and Peri-urban residential areas? 

Are there residential policies in place? What are are policies stating if any? For how long will the efforts of hardworking peoples be consumed in the raging fires? 

Those are the many questions eating up the mind of residents, who are living in fear of possible fire accidents in future.
 Concrete block buildings were not wiped out as those made of timber.

As the adult rescuers ran halter-skelter to salvage at least some of the valuables from
the burning houses, these young lads had already rescued their treasured pets. 
The lucky kittens are safe from danger. 

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